Kiid and Dialogue have partnered to offer you and your employees access to Kiid Concierge, the 360-degree childcare platform that helps parents balance work and family.

4 best-in-class services,
one simple platform.

On-demand Babysitting

Parents can book qualified and experienced babyistters for all life's moments and surprises. Available 24/7, even last minute.

Nanny / After-School Care

Parents can find the perfect nanny to help on a regular basis, either full-time, or from 4-7 to help with the dinner-time rush.


Virtual and in-person tutoring services, personlized to meet the specific needs of each student.

Virtual Classes

Parents can work or relax while their children enjoy 45 minute art, music and other live classes, all from the comfort of home.

Exclusive Offer for Dialogue members

As a Dialogue member, your team can access Kiid Concierge at no cost to the employer. Parents are charged directly for services used at discounted rates.

Designed to meet the needs of working parents



Trusted by more than 1,000 families


All our sitters have 3+ year of childcare experience, CPR/First aid certification. background and reference checks, 99% positive parent reviews.

Customer Service

From last minute bookings to trilingual nannys, our support team can handle any request. Available anytime by text, email or phone.

Covid-19 Safety

We have been helping families thrroughout the pandemic and have put in place safetey measures to ensure the safety of of our clients and our sitters.

The attention given to each child is exceptional. Its more then a babystitter. They take care of each of child based on their individual needs.

Sylvie Mireault

Human resources director


The Membership Fee is a monthly amount (ranging from $250 – $850) that businesses pay to give their employees access to Kiid Concierge. Thanks to the partnership between Kiid and Dialogue, Dialogue members get access to Kiid Concierge without paying the Membership Fee.

The Service Fees are per-session fees paid directly by parents when they book babysitters, nannies or tutors through the Kiid Concierge platform. As a Dialogue member, your employees gain access to preferential rates vs. regular members.

As a Dialogue member you receive a free Kiid Concierge membership and your employees can book babysitters, nannies and tutors at discounted rates exclusive to Dialogue members.

After activating your Kiid Concierge membership, your employees will be able to book babysitters, nannies and tutors using our simple online platform. We have sitters available 24/7 and offer last minute bookings, with as little as two hours notice.

If you have any questions, you can contact Kiid support at


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